Why does the vacuum pump of pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer keep working and the negative pressure will not drop

The sterilization principle of pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is that the cold air inside the sterilizer is extracted by the flow of water through the vacuum pump to make it in a state of negative pressure, and then the saturated hot steam is input to make it quickly penetrate into the inside of the product, which is repeated for 3 or 4 times. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the denaturation and solidification of microbial protein and inactivation meet the requirements of sterilization. After sterilization, the sterilized articles are quickly dried by vacuum. The working process is controlled by computer, which is convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, short in total sterilizing time, completely reliable in sterilizing, and dry. It is one of the indispensable instruments for sterilizing medical articles in hospitals. Based on years of working experience in using and managing this sterilizing cabinet in our hospital, the causes and countermeasures of common faults are summarized for discussion by colleagues.

The reasons why vacuum pump keeps working and the negative pressure does not drop, as well as the reasons of vacuum pump itself, such as the decrease of kinetic energy of vacuum pump, reverse of vacuum pump, etc. The total water pressure is too low, water pressure < 0.1mpa /cm2; The flow rate of water is too low or the pipe diameter of the tap pipe is too thin.

For objective reasons to replace parts, such as vacuum pump, water pressure meter, tap water pipe; The water flow meter should be installed next to the water pressure gauge to observe the water pressure and flow rate at any time, so as to avoid that the vacuum pump will be damaged due to dry pumping if the water flow is too small.