Shanghai anti-drug association member congress newsletter

On the afternoon of March 16, 2012, Shanghai anti-drug association held a general meeting of members in the overseas hotel. Representatives of the President unit, vice President unit, council member unit and member unit attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by vice President bian xuelian. At the meeting, secretary-general li hua gave the 2011 annual work report of the association, and President xue guangbo gave the 2012 annual work plan of the association. The general assembly discussed and voted to adopt the annual work report for 2011 and the annual work plan for 2012.

Then, under the chairing of vice President bian xuelian, the representatives discussed the development of disinfection industry and disinfection industry in China and the work of the association. Everyone speaks enthusiastically, medical apparatus and instruments co., LTD., Shanghai circuit HongFei Lin Yangsheng, chairman of Shanghai biological technology co., LTD's director of Liu Guhe Li Shixin director of the institute, Shanghai central disinfectant, Shanghai jun le Liu Zhangxun daily chemical co., LTD., Shanghai, and general white-yellow cat Wang Xiaochun manager of co., LTD., zhangjiagang valin Wang Jiao of medical equipment manufacturing co., LTD., Shanghai general sig Wu Dahai electronic technology co., LTD., shenzhen amdo disinfection high-tech joint-stock company xiu-ling guo, general manager of the general manager and other representatives spoke at the meeting. The delegates agreed that the Shanghai association of drug is the only disinfection industry association, the national by xue 2011 annual work report to the President for contribution to promote the development of disinfection industry association in 2011 and in the service members, specification of the industry and the development of disinfection disinfection work gave high evaluation, at the same time, the delegates said association of things need you to do, suggested that each member recommend one young man as liaison association, association of active working atmosphere, at the same time hope to actively participated in association activities support association member unit of work.

After listening to President xue guangbo's "2012 annual work plan", the delegates were deeply encouraged and full of hope for the development of disinfection industry.

Finally, xue, made a summary statement, the representatives put forward about the problems existing in the hospital disinfection and corrective measures, hospital use fee problem, livestock disinfection disinfection products, pharmaceutical sterilization, disinfection products of repeated registration problems, disinfectant disinfection industry technical titles evaluation problems, national standard problem, the industry of academic technology and exchange of experience, the technical standard for disinfection of infectious diseases of publishing and stable cross, etc. And thanks to the member units in the past year to the association work care and support.

Vice President bian xuelian announced the successful conclusion of the meeting in warm applause.

2012 general assembly of members

Lin yangsheng, chairman of Shanghai tonghuan medical equipment co., LTD., spoke at the meeting

Liu jiahe, director of Shanghai hongfei biotechnology co., LTD., spoke at the meeting

Li shixin, director of Shanghai zhongwei disinfectant research institute, spoke at the meeting

Wang qiao, chief engineer of zhangjiagang valin medical equipment manufacturing co., LTD., spoke at the meeting

Shenzhen anduofu disinfection high-tech co. LTD. General manager guo xiuling at the meeting

Shanghai anti-drug association secretariat March 19, 2012