FFU hundred level cascade car

Product introduction

Product Description

FFU Series Chargeable Laminar Trolley is new type outer carrying trolley, supporting the use of sterilizer.After sterilizing,inner trolley and medicine can be transfered directly to the laminar trolley,then to the production workshop or clean area, ensuring the cleanliness requirement.

Features of Equipment

Horizontal sliding door, avoid second contamination;

With chargeable power supply, long working life;

Horizontal and vertical laminar flow for user option;

With differential pressure gauge and PAO test port,conforms to GMP requirement;

Variable air supply system, 3-level air regulation (high, middle, low);

Product Description

Main body made of SS 304;

Effective external circulation system, primary filter with low resistance(<100Pa), US HV glass fiber material, which can prevent the dust particles affecting HEPA working life.

With low noise fan, to make sure safety and working life;

With frequency modulator,connected with computer,variable control of air speed for control system;

Appropriate for clean room and other high requirement work situation, with low noise and consumption, no pollution and no effect to ambient temperature.


non-standard equipment, machine size according to user requirement.



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