Medical Vacuum Drying Cabinet

Product introduction

Safety protection: dry at low temperature and low pressure to effectively avoid damage to the device due to high temperature;

Fast and thorough drying: the complete drying of articles can be realized in a short time;

Wide scope of application: it is suitable for all kinds of precision instruments, heat-resistant instruments, lumen instruments, etc;

High efficiency and energy saving: vacuum drying is carried out at a lower temperature, which can be realized with less heat.


The medical vacuum drying cabinet uses the air pressure to gradually reduce in the process of vacuumizing, and the boiling point of water will also be reduced, so that the water will boil and vaporize at a lower temperature, so that the water attached to the internal and external surfaces of the instrument can be quickly separated from it. At the same time, the vacuum pump quickly extracts the vaporized steam, and the air return valve opens intermittently to accelerate the gas flow in the cabin, so as to The equipment is dried quickly and thoroughly.

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