Vacuum Boiling Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product introduction

The cleaning effect is excellent: negative pressure pulse cleaning + ultrasonic cleaning, two pipes together to make the dirt nowhere to hide.

High efficiency: the whole program only needs 55 minutes.

Low water consumption: the water level is adjustable, and the intelligent water saving is 30% lower than that of similar products. The water consumption per unit of equipment is less than that of spray cleaning machine.

Simple operation: to achieve one click operation, you only need to select the required cleaning process at the beginning! The machine operates automatically without manual watch.

Intelligent system: one key operation, accurate and intelligent program control.

Safe and reliable: relying on the company's pressure vessel and processing experience, the service life and safety of the equipment are guaranteed.


The vacuum boiling ultrasonic cleaning machine combines the advanced technology of ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum boiling cleaning, vacuum pulse cleaning, steam pre disinfection, negative pressure drying and so on, which provides a new solution for the cleaning of medical devices. The equipment can be used for cleaning, pre disinfecting and drying of minimally invasive surgical instruments, basic instruments, anesthesia instruments, various specialized instruments and other related medical instruments, and the treatment effect is superior to the existing cleaning and disinfection products on the market!

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